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PinkTronix is a locally owned business engaged in Terrestrial and Satellite Free to Air Television reception and allied electronics.
PinkTronix specializes in RV and Caravan Television.
PinkTronix is not part of a franchise group or larger nationwide business, and as a result has minimal overheads.
You will receive personal service with local accountability.


  • Gympie, Noosa, Mary Valley, Cooloola, Sunshine Coast, S.C. Hinterland, Wide Bay and Fraser Coast.
  • PinkTronix will travel to any destination should the job be viable, either by virtue of job size in it’s own right or in the volume of jobs required in a particular district.
  • Unless quoted, travel expenses and an hourly rate may apply and as with all industries, economies of scale will reflect the final cost.


Contact PinkTronix to Watch the London Olympics in High Definition

Pinktronix are the RV  TV Specialist for people on the move.


  • Supply of portable V.A.S.T. systems.
  • Supply of terrestrial television receiving equipment.
  • Neat-n-tidy permanent integration of terrestrial television and/or VAST, Foxtel, religious TV, foreign language satellite systems into the caravan or motor home thus allowing the easiest possible set up at each destination.
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of Oyster Digital satellite tracking equipment.
  • Maintenance of other brands of satellite tracking equipment with technical support of the manufacturer if the Appointed Agent for that Brand is not available.
  • Supply and installation of mobile phone and wireless internet antennas.
  • Personalised Instruction on the use of all equipment supplied.
  • PinkTronix can come to you at any location or you can SAVE ON TRAVEL and enjoy a cuppa in the country by having work done at our facility on acreage close to Gympie.


RV Satellite and Television Services


PinkTronix stocks the SENSAR HV as the RV antenna of choice for those who want a compact antenna which is more than just a fashion accessory. Though constrained in performance by size and utility when compared to static installations, it is still obvious that the basics of antenna design have been addressed. There is metal in the air and it caters for both polarities. The optional SENSAR PRO combines signal finder and selectable gain in the one package, thus optimising the chances of tuning into your desired transmitter.

Wireless Internet Problems?

If you have a solid 3 bars of signal; you should run a speed test ahead of Generation Y getting out of bed and hitting the keyboard before you contemplate an antenna installation.
If all functions well with a bit of speed and reliability at sparrow's, then your problem is almost certainly time of use congestion.

Complaints to your provider generally result in the usual offshore call centre runaround and notification of "case escalation" (euphemism for nothing will be done while pretending to care.)

Typically, the ombudsman will be impotent and calls to your M P will result in acquiescence, sans solution.
The ultimate fix is to use your vote with diligence and discretion at both federal & state elections.

If you require a solution for low level cellular signal, please don't hesitate to call PinkTronix.

Contact Alan now on Ph:07 54834802 Mob:0429 834 809