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2G/3G/NextG/4G Antennas: An Antenna in Every Dongle

Mooloo, September 2008. The fire still burns, but possibly the last concert at his favourite venue.

“Never again”, were the words which echoed off the hills of the amphitheatre at the new Lifestyle Mooloo Resort Complex as Chuck championed the cause of free speech, courage and instant communication.

We have seen it all before and we are seeing it today Chuck said as he referred to the propaganda machines of the Hitler’s Nazis Germany and Stalin’s Communist Russia.

Yesterday’s tyrants might be relics of the past for us, he said but for today’s megalomaniacs they are mentors for their future. 

The Gang of Tiananmen have their Great Firewall of China, Kim Jong-Il prefers plain old bullying, the Americans have the distraction of sex scandals and the Australian dictators use sitcoms and soapies to dull out inquisitive minds.

“The time is now!…Communications in every room, a mobile phone for every person and an antenna in every dongle.!!”

19 Decibel Grid antennaOmin-Directional Collinear AntennaPinkTronix is proud to support the free speech ethos of Chuck Berry and his devotion to unfettered communication.
We offer a wide range of antennas and mobile phone platform solutions for your every need.

There is a broad selection of antennas available in many different qualities from many different manufactures so there is no chance that you are going to miss out if you have workable signal.
For fringe areas in the bush a yagi or grid antenna is best.

“The power of some Next G cells covering remote and coastal Australia has also been raised, boosting their range from 50 kilometres to 200 kilometres.”

You will require an 850 Megahertz antenna for Next G and a 900 Megahertz antenna for the Optus / Virgin 3G equivalent. The Optus 3G network operating on 2100 Mhz is available only in capital cities and selected major regional centres.

If you are happy with your chosen Telco you are better off (electrically) with an antenna designed for a particular frequency band, but if you enjoy the freedom of chop and change a multi band antenna is best for you.

If your area is well serviced by several cells in a built up area, but you are having marginal signal problems because you live in a near fringe zone within that group of cells, a multiband omni-directional antenna may serve you best.

You would not be a slave to one frequency or one tower and may benefit from data sharing between towers during peak times.

PinkTronix recommend stainless steel antennas for beach areas but they are costly.
Buy the best you can afford and do it once.

Yagi Wireless Internet Antennas

A Typical Installation.

If you are in a fringe area the recommendation would be for a high gain yagi or grid or a combination of antennas to suit your Telco’s frequency of operation. The antenna/s would be aimed and peaked to the relevant tower and cable routed to a wall plate in the room of your choice.

SMA Female ConnectorThe preferred connector for your wall plate is SMA female. There are others but this is the defacto industry standard. As the photo to the right shows it would present as a tidy adjunct to existing connecters and is not too different to a satellite TV connecter.

Highly flexible patch leads of any practical length are available so all you have to do is plug in your mobile phone at a convenient place when you come home. (At the same time you plug in the phone charger.) You would obviously leave the patch lead permanently connected to the wall plate except for spring clean times. When the mobile phone rings pick up with antenna patch lead attached and use as normal.

In the case of a USB wireless modem the same applies although there would be a permanent set up for your desktop modem / router. Remember it is not necessary to plug the USB modem directly into the PC. You can extend the distance from antenna wall plate to USB dongle with a USB extension cable if required.

Mooloo Cosmodrome

Inventor and Visionary Get Together To Ham It Up For the Camera.
Chuck’s last performance at the Mooloo Cosmodrome. (The facility was shut down shortly after in favour of more efficient rocket launch sites closer to the equator.)

Martin and Chuck re-enact the moment when the world’s first call from a mobile phone to a stage public address system was made in 1973 at the same venue a decade before.
Unfortunately due to an administrative oversight the event was not committed to film.

The above commemorative montage in sepia is now extremely rare and made all the more precious by the presence of both signatures.
Much to the consternation of those admirers “not in the know”, Martin, a dedicated conservationist would not sign unless the pen had green ink.



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