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A Travellers Guide to TV Reception.
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A 14 page illustrated discussion on terrestrial TV reception, with an explanation on TV signal parameters and antenna types for the RV. Although the material is a touch technical on 3 pages, the patient reader, will know whether to choose satellite or terrestrial, or both after absorbing this article.

Rain Fade Margin
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An illustrated 2 page precis of a web article rewriiten for satellite TV to give the layperson a better understanding of satellite signal rain fade and how it can be minimized..
The Digital Cliff
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Centred around two juxtaposed graphs, one very simple and easy to understand, and the other, a little more technical, this 2 page article gives the reader an understanding of digital TV signal loss.
Mobile Satellite Systems- A Primer
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A comprehensive coverage of just what is available in mobile satellite systems. New buyers will be able to make their purchase with the confidence of having every available type of system explained to them after reading this 10 page illustrated primer.
THe Litchfield Leporidae
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An unabashed lampooning of some of the ridiculously overpriced rubbish in the guise of, and marketed as, premium caravan television antennas.

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