PinkTronix – Oyster Digital Automatic Satellite Tracking Systems.

Oyster CI System Features / System Capability.

The Oyster CI System Features at a Glance.

  • 12/24 Volt, No mains power required.
  • Digital Terrestrial Receiver (Terrestrial Set Top Box) built in thus the system can receive local TV and output these channels in conjunction with the satellite channels received on the Oyster built in satellite decoder. Thus one less remote control required to surf satellite and terrestrial channels.
  • Digital Satellite Receiver with 2 Conditional Access slots for 2 subscription TV smartcards. No need for an external receiver if you want to watch Free to Air satellite programs or subscription satellite programs which do not require proprietary decoders.
  • Twin LNB suits Austar and other “watch one record another” decoders. (i.e., accommodates dual polarity services.)
  • Automatic satellite lock usually in less than 60 seconds in a new location, assuming satellite data current in memory. Less than 20 seconds if any satellite recently acquired in current location.
  • Auto skewing technology for automatic LNB adjustment. No need to get on the roof and manually adjust the Low Noise Block skew angle to align with satellite transmission polarity.
  • Automatic safeguard to ensure that you don't drive off with the dish still up. (Vehicle Ignition Interlock.)
  • Positive detent latching of dish components in the stowed position thus limiting wear of mechanical parts due to vibration whilst in transit.
  • Control the whole system with 1 remote from the comfort of your armchair. (See point 2 above) Choice of full featured remote, Ezy-Use condensed function remote or cable connected satellite mouse.
  • Small receiver unit designed to be installed out of sight.
  • Dish is wind tunnel tested for aerodynamics and safe stowage in transit. (Rated 130 K.P.H.)
  • Space age materials used for low weight yet are durable enough to cope with the diversity of Australian environments.
  • Designed and built with German precision to the highest standards by the European market leader.

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