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Ten-Haaft & Oyster Digital – Company Profile / Australian Marketing / Grey Nomad SVS Tribute

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In conjunction with SmartSat, PinkTronix is proud to be a factory backed reseller and installer of the German precision engineered Oyster Brand fully automatic satellite dish systems.

The Oyster system is manufactured by the German company Ten-HaaftThe Oyster system is manufactured by the German company Ten-Haaft which supplies automatic satellite systems to markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

With such a diverse market and many years of manufacturing behind them Ten-Haaft’s systems are offered in a wide range of variants and have been providing trouble free operation around the world since the company’s inception in the early nineties.

The Oyster CI system has been specifically developed to accommodate wide footprint / variable signal locations whilst providing the ultimate in durability, ease of use and full automation.

Prime Aussie Rump SteakAround 1995 Ten-Haaft engineers visited Australia on a trade mission and were treated to meals of prime Aussie rump from grass fed Angus cattle.

 At the same table, the guests were introduced to Hunter Valley Cab Sav and a Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz from the Barossa wineries.

Nationality is no impasse to an addiction for good living and it didn’t take long before the Karlsruhe visitors relegated their native Bratwurst and bottles of Fritz Haag to the appropriate place on their epicurean bucket list.

Wolf Blass Gold LabelFortunately for the grey nomads of Australia the Ten Haaft engineers realized that they would need to secure a financial anchor to pay for their continued visits to the restaurants of Australia, thus in the mid nineties caravanners and campers were blessed with imports of the innovative Oyster Satellite Systems.

Unfortunately the Oyster Digital connection with Aussie beef, fine wine and rancid bratwurst was not well recognised or appreciated by most vanners and campers until the late nineties.

However, around this time a group of grateful Grey Nomads decided that it was time to pay homage to the Australian graziers, restaurateurs, vignerons and vintners for the part they played in the importation of these truly wonderful automatic satellite systems.

Given that the Australian market was insignificant at the time, it was a close run thing and one can only wonder if it was divine providence or pure chance that brought about the succession of events which placed The Benchmark for Auto Acquire Satellite Systems onto the Australian market.

Shortly after the 1000th Oyster system was installed on a Crossroads Cruiser, a dedicated group of vanners, campers and fifth-wheelers began fund raising, and in March 1997 were rewarded as they watched Mr Peter Ten Haaft unveil their SVS Monument at a popular Caravan park just off Tin Can Bay Road, near Gympie Qld.

Oyster Digital was here to stay and those responsible recognised at last!!

Image at right shows the plaque on the SVS (steak, vino & satellite) Monument situated adjacent to the beer-o-clock happy hour facility at Goomboorian’s Standown Caravan Park.


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