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PinkTronix - Viewer Access Satellite Television
Advantages And Disadvantages
Compared To Terrestrial Free To Air Television.

Advantages of V.A.S.T.

The major advantage of VAST is the technical surety of Direct to Home satellite access which applies equally to both fixed and mobile installations.

Difficult terrain and other propagation problems associated with terrestrial TV services will not be an issue and given adequate dish sizing and correct installation, the consumer should have rock solid reception under most weather conditions.

To achieve this, the dish antenna should have an absolutely clear line of sight to the satellite and be properly aligned with appropriate instruments to function properly.

As a rough guide to dish site suitability in South East Queensland , imagine that you are standing around the proposed dish mounting area, facing north-ish and holding your arm at 45 degrees-ish pointing to the VAST satellites, (in geosynchronous orbit just to the right and directly above Papua New Guinea.)

There should be no vegetation or any other large obstruction between you and the satellite.

Disadvantages of V.A.S.T.

There are probably three distinct disadvantages of VAST over land based Digital TV delivery.

Slight Disparity in programming.

Terrestrial FTA and VAST FTA programming almost mirror on another these days, the major differences being in the transmission times, local news delivery and advertisement content. Many people would not see this as a disadvantage but there are some who miss that truly local flavour.

The requirement to have a satellite receiver as an interface to channel selection.

Not only does the STB occupy another input port on the TV but it also introduces the requirement for yet another remote control taking something from the overall user friendliness of the digital TV installation.

The requirement to have a separate Set Top Box married to each television set in order to have individual program selection for each TV.

You could, if you wished, pipe the VAST audio visual signal from the sole VAST receiver around the house but channel selection would be slaved to this one box. You also could distribute the R.F. signal from the dish to different VAST receivers in each room but you would need to buy and register a separate VAST receiver for each TV.
In both cases you would have to pay for additional cabling and terminations, which you would also have to do if distributing Terrestrial FTA.

To Sum Up.

In both cases you would have to pay for additional cabling, signal splitting and wall plate terminations.

Thus between digital terrestrial and digital satellite, VAST would easily be your second choice if you could get adequate terrestrial signal, even if you qualified for VAST. (As is sometimes the case if you are one of the few lucky houses with a clear path to the terrestrial TV transmitter in a gazetted black spot area.)

If you were a watchaholic living in a VAST eligible gazetted black spot area, and you already had a half decent fringe land signal which only dropped out occasionally, you still might consider installing a VAST service to back up the terrestrial service, given that you automatically qualified for it anyway.

As a bonus, if you travelled, you could temporarily connect your home VAST receiver to a mobile dish set up and have a mobile satellite service always available, without the additional paperwork and some of the limitations placed on grey nomad registrations.

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