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A DVBS Installation Primer

Generic STB Satellite TV - PinkTronixThe installation of a generic satellite decoder system is pretty much the same as those installations used for Viewer Access Satellite Television and the commercial Pay TV installations, in principle at least.

To get a basic idea of what is required for a simple Ku Band system, go to our Vast Installation page and look at the section about halfway down the page “A Brief Guide to Hardware Installation”.

DVBS Satellite Installation.To get going on your DVBS adventure, all that you require is an off the shelf satellite decoder and a dish installation.

Unless you are prepared to pay and have your heart set on receiving a particular service the bogey man to watch as a casual enthusiast, is the transponder frequency.

As with all antenna frequency calculations, for a given antenna gain, the greater the frequency the smaller will be the dish, (or any other antenna for that matter.)

C Band Satellite DishIf you see 3 to 4 Gigahertz in the LyngSat chart frequency fields instead of 11 to 12 Gigahertz, than you are looking at more dollars and more messing around because you will need the larger C band dish. These C band dishes are big, ugly and more expensive compared to their Ku band counterpart.

As a comparison, the specified minimum dish size for Ku band SelecTV and Austar installations on the Sunshine Coast is 65 centimetres.

C band dishes are typically 2.3 to 3 metres in diameter and because of the size and wind loading these dishes also need a more robust mount.

And so the cost ramps up.

Many C Band dishes are motorized with what is known as Digital Satellite Equipment Control. (DiSEqC), which allows the decoder to automatically aim the dish and set up the Low Noise Block parameters to match the incoming signal.

Although a little messy and more expensive compared to a simple Ku band set up, a C band installation gives the user a whole new range of options.



If you have an unused Austar or SelecTV system still in place all you need is a dish realignment to the satellite and an entry level decoder to start receiving the channels from Optus D2, or any other Ku band satellite transponder for that matter.

DVBS - Digital Video Broadcast Satellite logoPinkTronix can source several good quality decoders but to get started with the Satellite Digital Video Broadcasts, the inexpensive entry level ClearSat DVBS-3220 is recommended.


ClearSat DVBS-3220  Digital Video Broadcasts Satellite DecoderThe ClearSat DVBS-3220 retails for $210 without the Conditional Access Module, is capable of decoding high definition channels, and records to USB, either stick or hard drive.

In addition to having a range of backward compatible AV outlets, the DVBS-3220 is also equipped with a HDMI interface and SPDIF 5.1 audio output. It is a lot of decoder for the money.


PinkTronix also recommends the “Strong” brand of satellite decoders. These are a higher priced premium instrument for the DBVS enthusiast who knows what he wants. PinkTronix - its your choice




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