PinkTronix – TV Antenna Service

Mil. Spec. Craftsmanship at Consumer Prices

Ph: 07 5483 4802 Mob: 0429 834 809

• Television antenna system installation or repair. Additional wall plates fitted if required.(signal strength and signal quality factor demonstrated to client at each antenna outlet.) Retune as standard.

• PinkTronix stocks a complete range of antennas and masthead amplifiers. Your job will always be optimised for cost and performance.

• Pinktronix uses only RG6 quad shield cable and pay TV approved water proof connecters to all external terminations.

• PinkTronix carries a complete range of wall plates, connecters and adapters. Your job will be professionally finished with reliable parts.

• New buildings and renovation. Plan ahead with PinkTronix and get the wiring done before the gyprock goes on.

Custom instruction charts for unusual installations if requested. (Charges may apply depending on job size.)

• Fully itemised insurance quotes provided on request.

Phone 0429 834 809 for a great Oyster Satallite Installation Package

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