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UHF Phased Array TV AntennaChoose PinkTronix for your next installation and be assured of professional workmanship and the use of quality components appropriate to the installation.

Perhaps in the installation of television receiving systems, as with our other endeavours we should remember our trite, but time honoured adage.

“The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of The Low Price Is Gone”.

A cliché, well flogged, perhaps, but hard to improve on…… I wish I could claim it!!

Inappropriate masting and cheap mismatched antennas will have your installation either perform poorly electrically, disintegrate in high winds, and age prematurely…or all of the above.

Poor terminations can result in extremely irritating intermittent faults which invariably, as Murphy would have it, present themselves in the middle of the Melbourne Cup, The State of Origin……or more importantly……Days of Our Lives!!!!!

Outmoded coaxial cable and poor quality connectors will also degrade both system performance and reliability.


The correct choice of coaxial cable is paramount for the best performance and reliability of your installation.

RG59 Single Shield Coaxial CableRG6 Quad Shielded Coaxial CableIn new installations only quad shielded RG6 coaxial cable of good manufacture should be used. This is the main cable type recommended by the Digital Switchover Taskforce. (Longer cable runs may use the more efficient but more expensive RG11.)

As a guide, insist on Hills, Belden or any of the other Austar or Foxtel approved RG6 brands for your installation.

You can read the brand, type and sometimes the pay TV provider endorsement straight off the cable. (See picture at the bottom of this page.)

RG59 lacks the shielding and thus the interference rejection qualities of RG6. It is also less efficient.

If you have an old installation using RG59 where you have experienced intermittent interference problems, it’s possible that a rewire with RG6 will greatly improve the situation.

Under no circumstances allow the installer to fit the lesser RG59 in any new installation or a rewire. Satellite TV provider endorsed RG 6 quad core should be your first choice for upward compatibility and reliable service.


Cable TerminationsTerminationsPoor quality or outmoded terminations can also be a cause of problems and signal degradation. The screw and saddle termination is now pretty much a thing of the past and is gradually being phased out on all TV components.

Correctly fitted it should not result in intermittent problems but it is clearly the second choice and should be avoided in new installations. It is still seen on antenna and mast head pre amplifiers but there is absolutely no excuse to use this dated termination on the back of wall plates in rewires or in a modern installation.


Possum- connectorsCable ConnectorsLess than perfect connectors generally do not have too much effect on performance providing they are not frequently disturbed and are manufactured to uniform tolerances.

A blast from the past that fits this description is the Belling Lee or PAL connecter as it is now known.

Coming from the same stable as the cigarette lighter plug and Queensland’s unicameral parliament, the PAL connector also represents a solution formed in haste to suit the times rather than a positive answer to a practical problem with upward compatibly and a faithfulness to the dictates of the original design criteria.

Unfortunately the PAL connecter seems to be frequently disturbed and most definitely not manufactured to exacting specifications. I have attended many installations where the PAL connection causes problems.

Insist on the reliability of a securely tightened “F” connecter at the wall plate and use a readily available “F” to PAL fly lead for connection to the TV or PVR antenna socket.

Any unsightliness in cable placement can be improved with an “F” male to “F” female right angle adapter or a purpose built fly lead which allows the cable to exit parallel to the wall.


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