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Be aware of the hard sell and misinformation.
There is no such thing as a digital TV antenna!!
In all probability the digital transmissions in your district are using the same frequency band as the old analogue channels.


UHF Phased Array TV AntennaWhilst attending a satellite internet job at Tewantin some months ago, my customer enquired into the possibility of me installing a TV antenna for his home.

He said he didn’t really care about the type but he liked the look of the “Toaster Rack” on the guy’s house next door.

The antenna was really a UHF phased array but I admired the gentleman’s earthy approach to a technical problem and I have now come to the conclusion that all TV antennas fall into four main categories, “Toaster Racks”, “Shish Kebabs” or variants and combinations of the two.

Yagi Tv AntennaAntenna selection is a part of the process where you won’t have too much choice as it will be dictated by the frequency and polarization of the TV transmissions you are acquiring. You will as usual have the choice of quality but again, the old adage at the top of this section applies. Coastal residents should consider a stainless steel antenna if one is made for their situation.

If you are in a fringe coverage area and/or you wish to distribute the signal to several wall plates you will almost certainly require a masthead preamplifier.

Whilst every effort will be made to conform to Government specifications, which will under many circumstances be achievable, the vagaries of radio wave propagation limit PinkTronix to a guarantee of best effort. Residents living in main coverage areas are virtually guaranteed of perfect reception, those in fringe or near fringe may experience some pixilation during inclement weather.

If that is the case you may well qualify for Viewer Access Satellite Television.

It is worth noting that an understanding of radio wave propagation and interference suppression is somewhat similar to an understanding of meteorology.

They are both exact sciences ……….geared to a 50% tolerance!!!

PinkTronix - Possum

For those customers with an existing analogue service wishing to convert to digital it is worth noting that there is no such thing as a digital antenna, as electromagnetic waves, have been and always will be analogue. It is a good sales pitch though.

There are however, antennas designed to receive the range of radio frequencies the digital data stream uses as a vehicle for delivery.

TV station power Level graph - Ghots Hill, Hervey Bay)Sometimes both the digital and analogue transmissions share the same band of frequencies and a textbook example of this is the situation with the Ghost Hill transmitter at Hervey Bay (shown on the spectrum plot at left.)

Note that the skinnys and the fats are right beside each other in spectrum space and that they both occupy an adjacent allocation in the band 5 range of frequencies, 695.25.MHz thru 809.5.MHz.

As a consequence, both analogue and digital channels can be received with the same antenna.

Therefore, just because you have an old but fully functioning antenna system designed for the analogue frequencies does not necessarily mean that it will not work with the frequencies used in the new digital transmissions. The problem arises when the digital channel frequency band falls outside the reception band of your existing antenna.

There is no such thing as a digital antenna!!!

As an aside, note also in the above plot that the skinnys are taller than the fats, by 6 decibels in fact and if you have always wondered why you can sometimes receive the analogue but not the digital this is part of the reason.

PinkTronix - PossumCoaxial Television Cable ComparisonThe PinkTronix Team look forward to working with you and hope that you can learn a little more about TV if you choose to look over the tech’s shoulder as the job progresses. (Work-safe considerations permitting.)





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